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Multidisciplinary Artist


Bachelor major in Communication and Design, minor in Graphic Design, master in Cinema and TV with scholarships.

My art practice started as my path of realizing myself through building connections between my mind and body on digital and physical earth. Digital earth as a compliance of human made visual codes in the form of GIF and AV, physical earth in the form of mixed technic paintings and performance art. I usually tell the story of the mind with gestural body parts and vivid colors. I’m slowly including my own body to my practice, and AI to push my creative boundaries.

Interdisciplinary Trainer

Active in youth work since 2018

I've been developing myself as a trainer by adapting body movement and artistic methods to create a safe exploratory space for the participants. My specialities are Visual Storytelling, Scriptwriting, Body & Mind Awareness. I work with various somatic approaches and artistic disciplines, video and performative art based teachings through self expression.

My mantra is:
I am trusting to the process. I am welcoming change, opening spaces to others to do so, opening to so much goodness.

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